Advancing Gender Equality

SAGE Model for Gender Equality Plans

SAGE model focuses on four different areas:

  1. 1. Institutional Governance
  2. 2. Engendering Knowledge
  3. 3. Career Progression
  4. 4. Work-Life Balance

See SAGE Wheel Model (Figure 1.0)

Project Activities

SAGE is structured around 3 phases:

a) Institutional Self-Assessment
The first step of the SAGE path to institutional change is the collection of baseline data (quantitative and qualitative) upon which Gender Equality Plans are modelled. These data provides evidences and the basis for Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).


b) Construction and implementation
of GEPs

Secondly, individualised and tailored Gender Equality Plans (GEPs) are developed guided by the SAGE Wheel model.

c) Embedding Gender Knowledge in Organisations
For this aim SAGE provides guidelines, online resources, courses, workshops and materials for partner and peer institutions to support the pursuit of fully ‘gender-sensitive’ organisations, via incorporation of gender into organisational culture, educational curricula, and scientific research content.

All our resources are being constantly uploaded to the website.

Stay tuned!

Radial SAGE Operations Graph

Figure 1.0

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