Tools & Training

SAGE Toolkit

A SAGE toolkit, coupled with specially-designed measurement, will provide a workable self-assessment model for wider use.

Delivered as a cohesive package for delivery throughout Europe, the innovative SAGE model will ultimately provide an exciting mechanism for wide-reaching systemic change.

Please find some of the tools here:

SAGE Gender Module

The SAGE consortium will design and pilot a gender module for the integration of gender dimension in research and into undergraduate and postgraduate programmes.

Available by September 2019

SAGE Instutional Change
Online Course

A training package on ‘Producing a Gender-Sensitive Institution’ will be developed for piloting within SAGE institutions and subsequently disseminating more widely, via an online module (Massive Open Online Course; MOOC) and drive widespread structural change.

Available by September 2019

SAGE Capacity Building

A series of regional workshops and a joint transnational workshop will be held to ensure that the SAGE good practice models can be successfully adapted in multiple organisations beyond the SAGE consortium.

Available between April and August 2019